Printed - "EmPrint" Cachets

The story of Emrick Cachets continues... 

Starting with Hand Drawn / Hand Painted Cachets then later adding the

Graphite Pencil "EmSketch" Cachets to the line things went along like this for several years.

During this period many Hand Painted and many Graphite Pencil Cachets were created.

I received occasional "Special Requests" for Printed Versions for a few of my

designs and I accommodated the requests by printing a very few here and there...

But I didn't give the idea of printed covers a lot of attention.

Gaining Additional Customer Base

I realized that the costs of the Hand Painted Covers & even the less expensive Hand Drawn

EmSketch Covers were still high enough to exclude many collectors that would like

to have some of my covers in their collection because they didn't want to pay the higher price. 

I also knew that with the amount of time I put into each I couldn't lower the price...

in fact I was forced to raise the price of the Hand Painted Covers a couple of times

only because when I started I wasn't sure of their true value plus the fact

that as time went by my skills and methods improved a lot...

and the amount of time put into each of them also increased.

So, I figured... Hey, I had a long and great career in high quality commercial printing

and I know a bit  of what it takes to produce high quality printing results...

even on my desk top ink jet printer!

I give each printed cover "extra" effort using multiple

Printer Files & multiple passes through the printer to achieve

the closest possible color match to the original cachet artwork

*Deep rich color and shadow detail.

*Some EmPrint Covers exist that were printed in the first year of Production

and were not printed using my current improved printing methods.

During the years of my "slow" progress I have acquired

thousands upon thousands of First Day Cover Blanks...

Each Year I purchase FDC Blanks for the New Stamp Issues.

I also have purchased inventory of FDC Blanks from a couple of "retired cachet makers"...

This growing inventory of blanks helped to get me  serious about producing

the high quality printed covers knowing that I'd NEVER live long enough to use all of the blanks!

(It's still likely that I'll have a LOT of unused First Day Cover Blanks when I'm finished making cachets...)

So... I started in earnest using my cachet artwork to create printed versions...

AND "EmPrint" Cachets were Off & Running!

Pricing - The prices for my printed covers vary. 

EmPrint Covers are most often sold on eBay

On average they sell for between $12.00 and $22.00 each.

Sometimes a little less... Sometimes a bit more!

(Click on the Blue eBay link above to see if I have any offerings available...)

Direct Orders - EmPrint Covers

If you see a Cachet Design on this website that has not already been printed

as an EmPrint requests for creating the design will accepted and will be done if possible.

This however does depend on the availability of Suitable FDC Blank Covers. 

I have a base pricing structure for printing by Direct Order

The cost for time, materials and effort  creating the Printer Files

will be included in the price for the First Cover Printed.

The Price will be less for Covers Printed using Existing Files.

You may also contact me at any time to see if any of the

existing EmPrint Cachets are available for Direct Purchase

Contact me using the email address at the bottom of each

web page for current pricing of Direct Order EmPrint Covers