EmPrint - Printed Covers 

For Immediate Sale

Cachets shown on this page are available for direct purchase.  I will make every effort to keep this page current and up to date... however, it may happen that a selection you make has been sold before I updated the web page.  Once you have determined which covers you wish to buy contact me at emrickcachets@att.net for confirmation and payment information. 

Shipping to Continental US is included in the pricing seen at the bottom of this web page. 

Oversease shipping to be determined at time of purchase.

What's New?...

Latest EmPrint Designs...

2013 Inverted Jenny - "JN-4 'Jeny'"

2017 Have a Ball - Soccer - "Wanna Play?"

These new designs are available as well as those seen below.  Scroll down for pricing information.  Simply use the "Contact Me" page to let me know which covers you may want to add to your collection...

Click on any thumbnail below to see cover at a larger size...

See Pricing Information - Below the Thumnail Scans

Any scan showing multiple numbers of covers can be sold as a set or individually... each cover selling for the price of a single cover.  If you see five covers in the scan each of the five will be priced as an individual cover.

 Click onto any of the thumbnails above to see larger size of each cover. 

Contact Me for Current Pricing for these Printed "EmPrint" Cachets.  Go to the "Contact Me" page to send price requests.

The scans represent my current inventory of printed covers.  Many more of my hand painted designs can be "converted" to EmPrint versions...  If you have a favorite hand painted Emrick Cachet design check with me to see "if" that design can be altered into a printable design for a nice "EmPrint".