A Short History of Emrick Cachets

I collected  stamps casually for many years

with my interest level changing many times...

In the mid-1990s the easy access and availability on eBay led to renewed interest and enthusiasm.  I also discovered collecting First Day Covers and started building up a pretty nice collection.  

I have many... WAY too many interests and hobbies

which have included "artwork" since I was a very small boy.  

I have always liked to draw and over the years

went from crayons to oil paint...

Other than paintings hanging in our home and gifts for friends

I never found an "outlet" for my artwork until...

... one day the thought "struck" me

"Hey, why not combine two of my hobbies -

Art & First Day Covers"!

So, in late 2005 I started looking into "how" to get started and

with the help of a couple of talented established cachet makers,

the late Julian Pugh and Dave Peterman I created my"First Cachet

doing two complete design sets for the Five Stamp Issue of 2005's 

"50's Sporty Cars"

Click the link above to see the "50s Sporty Cars" Covers