Covers For Immediate Sale

Cachets shown on these pages are available for purchase without any waiting period.  I will make every effort to keep this page current and up to date... however, it may happen that a selection you make has been sold before I have updated the web page.  Once you have determined which covers you wish to buy contact me at for confirmation and payment information. 

Shipping to Continental US is included in the pricing. Overseas shipping will be determined for each purchase.


By holding your curser over the "Covers For Immediate Sale" Navigation Bar you will see that there is a separate web page for each of the three types of covers being offered for immediaet sale.

You will find which designs are currentyly being offered for each type by visiting each of the three pages...

  • EmPrint - Printed Covers
  • EmSketch - Graphite Covers  
  • Emrick Cachets Hand Painted Covers

The majority of the covers you will find posted for immediate purchase will be my printed "EmPrint Cachets" covers.

Occassionally I will have "Emrick Cachets" hand drawn / hand painted covers on hand that will be offered for sale. 

Most of the hand painted projects that I do are placed on the Schedule with a substantial waiting period. 

Most of the hand painted "Emrick Cachets" covers found here will be actual Entry Covers for the annual American First Day Cover Society's Cachet Maker's Contest.

This is because most of the hand painted covers are "Sold" before being painted.

There will also be a few times when I have an "EmSketch" cover available but just as with the hand painted covers these are most often bought and paid for before they are produced.

Thank you for looking...