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On rare occasions I have finished cachets that are available for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. This is very unusual as most of my covers are painted upon request. 

These rare "finished" covers will be posted on this page... If you see anything that you would like to add to your collection use the form found on the "Contact Me" page of this website or email directly to to see if they are still available... and for pricing.



The Covers shown in this box are American First Day Cover Association Cachetmaker Contest Entry Covers. 

These are the ACTUAL WINNING COVERS that were submitted and judged in the  Contest. 

There will be a Premium added to the current pricing due to the fact that these are the winning entry covers.

2016 Second Place

Hand Drawn / Hand Painted

2015 First Place

Hand Drawn / Hand Painted

2012 First Place

Hand Drawn / Hand Painted

Covers Shown Below are also available.


2015 Ingrid Bergman

Dual Cancel EmSketch

2012 Dogs At Work

This cover was repainted when I did a full set of the four dogs.  I made the "Circle Border" thiner for the final design.  I call this "My Fat Border Collie" cover... I am actually hoping that someone will want to order a full set of the "Fat Border" design and I'll just complete the other three like this one... but if anyone wants to buy this single in the meantime I can let it go.

Two EmSketch Covers

I started playing around with aircraft that had names matching various stamps... I may get back to doing more, maybe not.  Could be the start of an interesting collection if anyone wants to buy these and keep doing more.

2006 Crops of the Americas

Artist's Proof - "Beans"

2009 Inaugural Cancellation


2006 Hattie McDaniel (#10 of 12) Original artwork keyline and type printed then image hand painted with watercolor. 



2006 Snowflakes (#5 of 40) 


2006 Snowflakes  (#1 of 40) 




2005 50s Sporty Cars

I created Two Sets with separate deisgns.

Design One included a cachet with all five in addition to the individuals. 

Deisgn Two had only five individual covers. 

Design One is listed in Mellone's First Day Cover Photo Encyclopedia of First CAchets Revealed 1923 - 2005 on page 329.

*(Design Two wasn't completed in time to be included in the publication)







I have one Complete Set (#6 of 8) Available. To be sold only as a complete set. 

Over time I have improved my skills and methods which makes pricing this set difficult.  On the one hand the covers I paint now are of higher quality but on the other hand these are highly collectible because they are my FIRST CACHETS. 

Last Full Set of Design One


Below are "Singles" from broken sets.  When I first started I did sell some of these as singles rather than holding out for a buyer of full sets...

These are available individually...