Hand Drawn - Graphite Pencil EmSketch Cachets

Why Graphite Pencil "Sketch" Cachets?

If you have read my "Short History" of Emrick Cachets on the Hand Painted Page you will know

that as time went by in my cachet making venture the Schedule that listed upcoming

hand painted cover projects slowly became so long that my customers 

found themselves waiting not just weeks or months for their project to begin... but YEARS!

Also the price of a Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Cover excluded many collectors

who liked my cachets but did not wish to invest the amount of dollars that I had to get for each.

The original idea for the "EmSketch" Cachets  was just that...

A QUICK SKETCH that I could complete in just minutes!

But... being something of a perfectionist I find that I can not be happy with

such QUICK pieces of work and although they take less time than the Hand Painted Covers

they still take substantially more time than I had originally expected.

I'm still tempted to create a line of covers that is more true to the original idea - being very quick "loose style" sketches.

Since the first EmSketch Cachet was drawn I have been asked to do VERY MANY...

... and the EmSketch Cachet Covers have become very popular.

Many EmSketch Customers have opted to add "A Touch of Color" for just a

slightly higher cost which created the "EmSketch-Plus" line of cachets.

I do these in my "Spare Time" while "resting" between Hand Painting Sessions.

When a project for the EmSketch Covers is received I am usually able

to ship finished covers within 3 Weeks of receiving the order. 

EmSketch Orders require payment at the time the request is made. 

I have done a few VERY LARGE EmSketch Projects that of course took longer to complete.

Pricing: - Contact Me for Current Pricing using the email address at the bottom of each web page.