Bob Emrick...

After a lifetime of "dabbling" in art... I have finally found a practical way to utilize my artistic talents, have fun with it, and share it with my Fellow First Day Cover Collectors!

Over the years I have created paintings in oils for a few friends and family.  I have played with cartooning and caricatures... mostly for fellow workers and friends who wanted funny birthday cards, anniversary cards, newsletter illustrations and the such... the requests were always for caricatures of someone else... not THEMSELVES! 

It never failed that everyone except the "victim" thought the drawings looked

"Just Like 'em"!

There were a few occasions in my Commercial Printing Career that my artwork was called on for publication in various magazines or programs.  Two times my work was used in the Dallas Cowboy Home Game Program.

Start SLOW 'N EASY...

I started out  producing cachets in the same manner that many others do. 

I produced the "outline" artwork on art boards, scanned and printed the "key-line" artwork and then hand painted each cover.

After doing only a few designs in this way I decided to hand draw and hand paint each individual cover.

I quickly found out that my production pace was not going to keep up with the demand.

Ever Growing List of Covers Waiting for Paint...

Without intending to I developed what turned into a very long "Waiting List". 

I have found that my customers are very patient folks.  By the end of my second year the list had grown to average over fifty covers waiting for paint. 

In October of 2012 the list reached the 200 Covers Waiting for Paint point.

  As of today the wait time for covers placed on the list is about four years!

Retired from Commercial Printing Career...

When I retired I expected to see a high increase in my output and see the waiting periods get shorter as I strove to "catch up" and eliminate the long waiting list...

... but I firmly believe that quality is much more important than quantity. 

My skills and methods have improved over the years and I find that each cachet takes longer than they used to.

There is still a very long waiting period but, Lord willing I'll get 'em done!