2018 - AFDCS Cachetmakers' Contest

Second Place
Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Category 2nd Place

Printed from Original Artwork Category - 2nd Place

Second Place

Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Category

2018 United States Airmail

Dual Cancel Cover

Blue Stamp Issued/Canceled May 1, 2018

Red Stamp Issued/Canceled August 11, 2018

Combination Stamp - 1989 Classic Mail Transportation #2436

I used the 1928 5c Beacon Stamp design as a base for this cachet.

In place of the beacon tower and airplane seen on the stamp I inserted

and image of "Jack" Knight who took heroic part in the

Transcontinental Airmail Flight that actually saved "airmail"

by continuing flights through the night.

Second Place

Hand Painted Mechanically Reproduced Category

2018 - The Art of Magic / Swami Crystal Ball Stamp

Combination Stamp - 2002 Harry Houdini #3651

Artwork was painted for this "EmPrint"  Cachet Cover

at about twice the size of the printed image.   

To obtain added detail I painted the playing cards

at an even larger scale. 

The two pieces of artwork were then scanned and extensive work performed in Adobe Photoshop to create Printer Files

that would match printed color as closely as is possible to

the color of the original artwork.  

The type within the red box and the yellow borders were

not a part of the original artwork so were

also created in Photoshop.

In addition to the Primary Printer File 

"Bump" Color and  "Bump" Black Printer Files

were also created to obtain maximum quality

in matching the original artwork. 

Each cover was printed making three passes

through the ink jet printer for the image plus

a fourth  pass to print the type...

"King of Cards".

My "EmPrint" Covers are also printed on

the reverse side with my "EmPrint" Logo

and I place my signature under the logo on each one.