EmSketch Graphite Pencil - 1938 Presidential Series - Additional Singles

     "Prexy Design " FDC Cachets      

Covers on this web page are scans of additional covers that were created after completeing the full set of 32 seen on the 1938 Prexy web page. 

There are some modifications and some are drawn on differing First Day Cover Blanks such as the Air Mail covers... and some even use different images of the Presidents.  This has been a popular design and you may place an order for any number of them as long as I have the suitable First Day Cover Blanks and/or you have them to supply for the project.

The "Airmail" Set

This set started out to be for the 1938 Prexy Stamps on the Airmail Envelopes seen here...  The decision has been made to include US Presidents "Other Than" those found in the 1938 Presidential Series Stamps but still with the same basic design and on the same Airmail Envelopes.

The first two examples can be seen below on the cover for Franklin D. Roosevelt who was the first US President to fly in an airplane while in office... a stragetic WWII trip to confer with Winston Churchill... & Harry S. Truman who was the first "Chief of State" for the TTPI.

"Additional Prexy Covers"