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Emrick Cachets

Hand Drawn/Hand Painted

As I started my hand drawn / hand painted covers I tried many methods and many mediums.  I still use a variety of different paints, pastels, and colored pencil but most of my work is now done using "Water Based" Oils.

Not counting the "research" time I put on average 4 or more hours into each painted cachet... and with "other things" demanding my time I find that I can complete only one or two of these covers per week.

The demand has continued to increase over the years and I find that I can not keep the long schedule "waiting list" to a normal level.  For years now there have always been over 200 covers waiting for paint.  Producing only a couple of covers per week at best you can see that the waiting period is VERY long indeed!  Currently it is about a three year wait.

I do my very best to make the wait worthwhile and I have some of the most patient customers in the world!!

Steps for Placing a Project on the Schedule

1.  An email with details of the request will place your project into the next open slot(s) of the Schedule.


When I get within about three weeks from starting I will contact you via email asking for payment in full.  This insures that the work I am doing is still wanted by the customer, keeps my record keeping simple - not having to keep up with "who has paid what" for that long waiting period... and doesn't tie up the Customer's money for long periods of time.

Payment may be made using Paypal or a personal check made out to "Bob Emrick" may be sent to my P.O. Box Address: P.O. Box 2850 - Forney, TX 75126

*All outside USA must use Paypal.

3. As each cover is completed I post a scan of them on the "Check the Schedule" page of this site and it is also posted on the appropriate web page matching the description of the cover.

You can follow the progress of the project by watching these scan posts on this website... and I also post scans of each completed cover on my Facebook Page. 

4.  I will package the finished project and mail it to the address given me by the Customer.  I email the Customer to let them know the package is on the way asking that they email me to let me know when they have it safe in hand so I may mark the project as "Received" in my records.

EmSketch Cachets

Graphite Pencil Designs

I work on the EmSketch Cachets during my "Spare Time" when "resting" from the hand painting of Emrick Cachets.

EmSketch covers are normally completed within three weeks of receiving payment unless it is a large project of graphite pencil designs which may take longer... but these do not go onto a "waiting list"... but are worked on immediately upon receipt of payment.

1.  Requests for EmSketch Covers are received via email.  Once agreement has been made to initiate the project full payment is made using Paypal or a personal check made out to "Bob Emrick" may be sent to my P.O. Box address: P.O. Box 2850 - Forney, TX 75126

2.  Upon receiving payment I begin "sketching" the covers in between work on the hand painted covers. 

3.  The finished EmSketch Project is shipped in the same manner as described for the hand painted covers.

EmPrint Cachets

I have now started to produce more EmPrint covers and plan to continue adding more each year as time goes by. 

I recently purchased a high quality laser printer for this purpose.  Most of the EmPrint designs will be printed from scans of my own original artwork used for the Emrick Cachet Designs... Some may be printed from quick artwork created for the purpose of printing.

Finding time to paint original art that can be scanned and printed will be my biggest challenge.  It remains to be seen just how many I will be able to print while continuing work on the hand painted and the graphite pencil cachet lines.

EmPrint covers will be made available through notification via this website as well as posts on my Facebook Page.  I may ocassionally put them up for auction or sale on auction sites but only as a last resort if the preferred method doesn't reach enough buyers.

BobCatchetsPrinted Covers

Occasionally I will create a design to be printed using images that are not my own artwork.  These printed cachets will bear the name "BobCatchets" and the logo seen above will be printed on the reverse side.  These will be my own original designs but using photos and/or artwork that I have gathered from other sources.

The ordering procedure for these coverted EmPrint projects is the same as described for the EmSketch Covers above...

For Current Pricing for any of the above contact me at: