Printed Emrick Cachets

I sell these on eBay auction but you may buy direct.  Use the "Contact Me" email on this site to check the availability of any you may be interested in purchaseing.  I will let you know if I have any of your choices & the current pricing.

2012 Baseball All-Stars

2012 Scouting

Juliette Gordon Low

Founder of Girl Scouts of USA

2012 Miles Davis

"Birth of the Cool"

2012 Edith Piaf


2012 "Eagle" Presort

"In GOD We Trust"

Found another "home" for my "Eagle Scout Eagle"

First Set Printed with Type Covered by Image...

It wasn't until after scanning and posting these here and on eBay that I noticed that the word "In" was "too far IN" and ran "in"to the Eagle's side completely covered... However, the message is still very positive!

War of 1812

USS Constitution


"The Defeat of HMS Guerriere"

2012 Christmas

"Merry Christmas - AFDCS Chapter 56 North Texas"

A scan of the Hand Painted "Original" Cover can be seen on the 2012 Stamp Issues page. 

The original cover was scanned and the file used to print 60 "EmPrint" versions for AFDCS Chapter 56.  Each cover is individually numbered on the reverse side - 1 through 60 of 60.

The Original Hand Painted Cover was donated to Chapter 56