Printed Emrick Cachets

I sell these on eBay auction but you may buy direct.  Use the "Contact Me" email on this site to check the availability of any you may be interested in purchaseing.  I will let you know if I have any of your choices & the current pricing.

2011 Owney

Printed version of my hand painted "Owney Postal Pooch" design. 

The #1 of 16 Hand Painted Cover is included in the Smithsonian Postal Museum's "Owney Exhibit".

2011 Merchant Marines

"Liberty Ship"

2011 - Indy 500

"Super Tex"  A.J. Foyt

"Eddie Rickenbacker"

"Barney Oldfield"

2011 Mark Twain

This is a printed version of one of my earlier"EmSketch" Graphite Pencil Drawing Cachets

I always spray my printed covers withe a fixative to protect them from scratching... This black graphite pencil print turned a bluish tint except for the jacket area.  Not sure why, maybe the "black" areas of the color scans are turning blue too but not noticable.

2011 Ronald Reagan


2011 Indianapolis 500

"First Winner - Harroun's Wasp"

Exclusive Design Sold ONLY through the AFDCS

Only 20 Printed - Contact American First Day Cover Society to Purchase... $12.00 Each


"25th Anniversary - AFDCS Chapter 56"

2011 Ronald Reagan

This Anniversary "EmPrint" cover was done for the 25th Anniversary which corresponded with the 2011 TEXPEX show in Dallas, Texas.  It was made available at the show where Bart Forbes, the artist that designed the Reagan Stamp signed many of them for buyers.


The original painting and one of the EmPrint covers were matted and framed. 

This is now exhibited in the Wineburgh Philatelic Library on the campus of Texas University Dallas - Meeting place for the AFDCS Fred Sawyer Chapter 56.



"I Survived Bob Emrick's Cachet Making Presentation"


I did a quick "EmPrint" cover depicting myself presenting at the TETEXPEX 2011 show...  These were "free" handouts to attendees...

The First Day Covers are not 2011 - but the Event was.