I have been informed by my website provider that I will have to totally rebuild my website on their new platform in order to have a working "Keyword Search" function... It's a BIG SITE and it would take a lot of work... thinkin' about it.  For now "if" you can't find a certain subject because you don't know the year of the stamp issue just contact me and I'll direct you to the cover you are looking for.

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First Day Cover Cachets

My designs are very limited production...  Normally 10 at most, but for most of the designs fewer are painted of each.

Most of the cachets you will see on this site are available to be added to the Schedule...

...or if possible a printed "EmPrint" version may be created. 

Let me know which designs you are interested in and I will confirm whether or not I have First Day Cover Blanks to paint  or print them for you...


This website is Active and is kept Current...

Scans of each design are posted as they are completed. 

Click on any of the pages by using the Navigation Bar on the left to see the covers in each designated category.  

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2016 American First Day Cover Society

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There is a long waiting period for the Hand Painted Emrick Cachet Covers... On average I  complete only two or three covers per week.  I ALWAYS do my best to make the wait worthwhile and I thank my loyal Customers for their patience, continued encouragement, and support...

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